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    excell compatibility with newer OS
    I am using Microsoft office 2004 with excel verson 11.3.5 on my mac running os 10.6.8 and want to move to the new os Maverick. I believe that my version of excel will not work on Snow Leopard and probably not Maverick. I will consider buying a newer version of excel or switching to the apple spreadsheet program. My concern is that my current excel spreadsheets will not port over to the newer software/operating system.

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    10.6.8 is Snow Leopard. I'm using O4M 2004 myself, with Leopard. I always thought 2004 would work with Lion or Mountain Lion, but I've never researched it. I would think that a search on the internet could turn up a page with System requirements. But if someone else on the forum knows...

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    Microsoft Office 2004 will not work with Lion, Mountain Lion, or Mavericks. Snow Leopard is as far as you can go with it. Office 2004 is a PPC coded app and needs Rosetta in order to work. The last operating system to contain Rosetta was Snow Leopard. Upgrade to at least Office 2008, and better yet, Office 2011. If that's not possible, download and use one of the free Office suites which are available.

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