I am creating a form using Microsoft Word for Mac (2011). It is set up so that the description (first and last name) appears just below a half point rule, Then the user will fill in the answer just about the line. I have several lines with a similar set up. I used the "Border" option to define the color, line thickness and position of the rule (which is above the text). I then added this to my style palette. I have a hard return after each line. What I am finding it that when I apply the style, not all of the lines will display a rule. When I select the line that does not show the line and select the styles palette, the correct style is highlighted.

I also tried to added manual with using the style sheet and the line will not appear above certain lines. This is a random problem with no logical pattern.

What am I missing here? Why will only some lines allow me to add a rule via the Border option and some will not. Another example is if I have two lines of text and the bottom line as the rule. If I try to add a rule above the text on the first line, it removes it from the second line.

I can apply vertical rule to the left and right of the text and a box effect. And if I apply to the rules top and bottom, it will appear. But I only want one rule above the text.