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Thread: Mac TV Pro is a SCAM! Beware! You pay $50 for a free media player.. No refund either.

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    Mac TV Pro is a SCAM! Beware! You pay $50 for a free media player.. No refund either.
    Hello members,

    I don't like my first post to be of a negative one, but sadly it is. I recently made the stupid decision to by the awful product Mac TV Pro.

    The company Mac TV Pro that promises thousands of tv channels on my Mac - well I was suckered in and spent the 50 bucks for the software.

    Firstly, their software is just some free XBMC player than anyone can get. Its absolute crap and a complete scam. I was so shocked to see this scam is running and no one has done anything about it yet.

    I am still waiting for my refund too, they are easy to take my money but ignore my emails for a refund.

    Has anyone else been suckered by this? Any idea how to get my refund?

    Thank you,


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    All of those such things are scams.
    They only provide what is already free and available on the web.

    One thing I've learned related to just about every software purchase - always research prior to purchase to make sure it's legitimate. Not only that, but if that particular piece of software is recommended by long time users or if there may be other, better and perhaps less expensive solutions.

    Highly unlikely that you'll get a refund from Russia, Ukraine or wherever the home base of those people are.
    Best put in a claim with your CC company, Paypal or whatever it was you used to pay for it.
    I cannot be held responsible for the things that come out of my mouth.
    In the Windows world, most everything folks don't understand is called a virus.

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