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Thread: Renaming external drive containing music files - help please.

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    Renaming external drive containing music files - help please.
    I have my iTunes library files and iTunes Media folder etc. on my iMac.
    All my actual music files are on an external drive.
    I don't let iTunes "organize" my files.

    As space has become tight, I've bought a larger external drive and copied all the music files to this drive. As long as the new drive has the same name as the old drive, everything works fine. However I want to rename the new drive.

    Once I rename it, iTunes can't find any of my music.

    What's the simplest way to point iTunes to the new "parent" folder of all my music? Any help would be much appreciated.

    There are hundreds of threads describing how to migrate libraries from machines to externals or from one drive to another, when iTunes is also organizing the files or the library files are being moved, but I can't find anything to describe my (very simple) situation.

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    Renaming external drive containing music files
    Rename your external HD to whatever you want to call it. Go to iTunes > Preferences > Advanced, select "Change" next to iTunes Media Folder location, select your HD in the finder window that appears, navigate to your iTunes Media folder, select it by clicking once and Open at the bottom right of the finder window. You should now see the location in the iTunes Media Folder location window contains the name of your new HD like this; /Volumes/Mac OS X HD.
    Your done!
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