well we all remember PPC, and some of we still have our ppc apples,
but the rest of the world just dropped support for older macs.
Would't you like to revive your old dusty apple and give it a new life?
well its still possible

For the ones who have Imac g3 i recommend this :
if you dont like linux but still wanna browse the web
http://www.floodgap.com/software/classilla/ ( needs mac os 8.6 - osx panther)

i also recommend upgrading ram and installing osx tiger if you dont like linux
10.4: Install Tiger on older unsupported Macs - Mac OS X Hints
or use xpost facto
Other World Computing- OSX Center

for browsing on osx tiger use :

For those who are able to run leopard use webkit
The WebKit Open Source Project

check here how to install leopard on unsupported macs ( it runs pretty well in 700 mhz+ and g4 after some tweaks)
10.5: Install 10.5 on an unsupported PowerPC iMac - Mac OS X Hints

hope i helped the ones who still have ppc.
have fun
edit i know the title is wrong, its life not live my bad