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bobtomay 09-07-2013 09:53 AM

Chrome Users
Since I know we have a lot of Chrome users here, am just wondering how you all deal with the fact that every password saved in Chrome is visible to anyone that gains access to your user account?

disallow it access to your Keychain every time it asks?
use 1 Password or other password management software along with the above?
you don't save passwords when logging in to sites from Chrome?
you go in and delete all the passwords it has saved with regularity?

chscag 09-07-2013 02:14 PM

Not just Chrome.... Safari users also beware. If someone has access to your user's account - which means if they know your admin password, they will likewise have access to all your Safari saved passwords.

The warning given by bobtomay should be taken seriously. Use a good password manager such as 1Password instead of relying on your browser.

vansmith 09-07-2013 02:48 PM

As chscag noted, this problem is more of a Keychain problem than Chrome problem. The only solution is not to use Chrome's password management which can be done by unchecking the option in the preferences.

Personally, I'm the only person that uses my machine. If others use it, I tend to trust them so this isn't an issue. However, this might be an issue for anyone who has multiple users.

chas_m 09-07-2013 10:47 PM

This is not an issue if every user of a given computer is given their own account. For temporary users, they can only use the Guest account. Absolutely NOBODY but me uses my admin account, and even if the machine were stolen the thief would have to know my admin password to get anything out of (it's set to log out after X minutes).

I disagree that Keychain is the weak link (or Chrome for that matter) -- it's whether you've given your admin password to anyone or not. In short, if that is or becomes a problem, the weak link is you, not the machine.

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