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    I had all my music on an external hard drive that has now corrupted. I've managed to retrieve all the files from my iPod and used iTunes to reorganise the files on a new external drive so they are split by artist rather than the weird way the iPod stores them.

    My problem now is as follows:

    My music is stored on the external drive but none of the iTunes media files are. I can point it toward the files using the advanced preferences but I'm conscious that iTunes won't perform as it should, specifically with regard to the Automatically Add To iTunes option.

    I expect I will have to rip it up and start again but even that seems difficult.

    To add to my woes I want to be able to access this external library via both a Windows PC and my Macbook Air.


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    I'm guessing that by iTunes media files you mean the Library file? Do you have iTunes set to keep the media files, including library on the external drive? Its in the Advanced section of the iTunes prefs.
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