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    Running Videos, Photos, and Slideshows for a Displaycase

    My department head asked me to work on trying to figure out how to show different videos, photos, slideshows, ect. on a Mac. Something like a presentation/kiosk application would be maybe what we need.

    He also said he wants, if possible, in the future be able to have voice recognition on it so people could said something like, "Selection 1" and have it go to whatever selection 1 is on the presentation.

    The second one might be a long show, but I have seen different universities and kiosks use continuous looping software before. I'm just not very Mac or PC savvy.

    Thank you!

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    Keynote will most likely do what you want. You can make a Presentation containing all of those elements which will play as a loop. Don't know about the voice commands though. How about using a touch screen?

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