I would like to use Automator to start a drag and drop of m4a files onto MediaHuman Audio Converter for Mac, convert the files to wav and then I will rename the file names and reset the timestamp (by maniputaling the filename 20130816 143751.wav) using a terminal shell script.
I have worked out how to do the shell script part but cannot work out how to automate the drag and drop of files onto MediaHuman and then select the button on the MediaHuman screen to start the process so that it can then proceed to the shell script part.
I was anticipating that I could select a bunch of m4a files in finder, right-click to select the automator process, and kapow! .... all done. Is this a task for AppleScript instead or is the best way to instead use a converter which runs from the command line....if so can you suggest one.
...I've been searching further and Mplayer or Umplayer may be worth investigating for use in Automator.