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    ITunes match not matching all songs (not even ones available in the store)

    So I purchased ITunes match yesterday, and I added my home computer to it so I can access my music from my work computer. It looked like it completed at home and most of the songs are on here but there still seems to be some that are greyed out.

    The first example is one song greyed out, when the rest of the album has been loaded.

    And the second example is from an album that didnít load at all.

    Do all of the songs have to be in the iTunes store match? Because I was under the impression that this could work with CD uploads as well. And if that is the case, why would that one song from the Green Day album not load when it is available in the store?
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    When I went to match with my 2,000 songs and many not bought match chewed on them for several weeks before it got all of them. HOWEVER if you like real full music files like apple lossless Match will downgrade them to the lower level mp3s--but at least they will be 256kbs--not 128. If you have the puny 128kbs it will upgrade them to 256! :-)

    Oh ya--When the screen you show came up I had to be ready to click the dark ones--I kept going back to iTunes to click more when they went dark. Other times they would be all greyed out and I'd have to wait for some reason for them to darken later.

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