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    can't download itunes?
    Dell Inspiron 530S Vista. itunes was working fine on this desktop pc but I uninstalled itunes after having a problem not seeing the ipod showing up when connected, now I am trying to download and reinstall, going to the Apple page here: Apple - iTunes - Download iTunes Now when I click to download it asks where to save but after that window closes nothing happens, help please?

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    Look carefully at where that link takes you. If you are on the Mac at the time lot will link to the OS X version. If that happens scroll down below the "Download Now" button and you will see a small blue link to get the Windows version.
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    Yep, at this time the Windows download link asks if you want to save the file and then nothing.

    Try again later.
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    Yes, you were right, I was not downloading from the correct location Slydude, thank you very much! Strange, the playlists are showing in the new installation so that's good news. Now I have to link back to the songs which is exactly what I need to do on my mac for which I had created another thread. When I had created the playlists originally on my pc, the mp3's were physically located on my external hard drive so I now connected the drive and tried to open some tunes in the playlist but it cannot located the songs so I changed the "itunes Media Folder location in Preferences-Advanced to the folder of mp3's lon the external but this doesn't work. Can you tell me what the procedure is to have itunes located these songs again please?

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