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    Half of my programs aren't there?
    Hey Basically, when you press F4 on the macbook keyboard and you get the screen up full of the programs you have.
    Half of my Adobe apps aren't showing up on there.

    I have all adobe CS6 and a few CC programs, i just thought it'd be cool to have them all on the same screen but this is how it comes up:

    As you can see there are only about 10 when there should be at least 17/18.

    Is there anyway to toggle what ones appear on those screens ? because i have another screen full of Junk items which i dont use alot, like games and performance enhancing programs etc


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    You have 3 pages on the Launchpad, so if you swipe (two fingers I believe) between the pages you can see all of the applications. If you want to bring them all into the apps window, just click and hold on one of them to see them jiggle and then you can drag them around just like iOS..

    You can even create a folder to keep all of the Adobe apps together if you want..

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