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mikehende 08-05-2013 03:22 PM

transferring playlists to new computer?
I moved my playlists from my pc to my macbook by replacing both library.itl and library music .xml files in the itunes folder on the mac with the 2 files from itunes folder on my pc, itunes on the mac immediately showed the playlists. I tried going to Preferences->Advanced->Change then navigate to where I saved the actual mp3's and select the main folder but when I click on any song in the itunes library, it is asking me to locate the tune, help?

mikehende 08-06-2013 12:21 PM

I have tried all of the tutorials for this but it is not working. On my windows pc using itunes 11, I saved the two files from the itunes music folder "itunes library.itl" and "itunes music library.xml" on my external HDD, I then copied them unto my Macbook's desktop, I would like to know 3 things please:

1] How to proceed from here, should I go into the itunes folder on the mac and replace the two files in there with the two backed up files?

2] If that method works then in which itunes folder should I place the original mp3's copied over from my pc?

3] How do I relink the playlists to the mp3's?


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