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Thread: Bento Discontinued

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    Bento Discontinued
    Filemaker has just announced (see link) that they are discontinuing Bento their Consumer Database.
    I guess it just did not sell well. Too bad, I thought the product was well made, although I did not use it a lot.

    FileMaker discontinues Bento | Macworld


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    Well, won't miss it on my iPad (purchased an older version in 2011) - when I understood that the only way to 'backup' my data was to also purchase a much more expensive computer version, I stopped using the iOS app.

    From the link, I love the quote below suggesting that Bento Mac users migrate to FileMaker, not only much more complex to use but a $300 purchase - Dave

    FileMaker says that it is discontinuing Bento in order to focus on its namesake product line. If you want a database product, the company is encouraging you to take a look at FileMaker Pro. The company does offer a migration tool that helps you move data from Bento 4 for Mac to FileMaker Pro 12.

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