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    Free trial game ended, how can I open it again?
    I downloaded a one-hour trial of a game, which just ended. It downloaded the entire game (it's a full-size game and is a separate app on my computer) but it had to download the company's trial page thing. Whenever I try to open the game, it opens the trial thing. If I put the trial app in the trash and then click on the game app, it doesn't do anything. But since it installed the entire game onto my computer, there must be some other way to open it. How can I open it again?

    I've got a Macbook Pro 10.6.8, if it matters.

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    Perhaps by paying the registration fee and getting the activation code?
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    Developing some ethics and paying the developer for their work that you obviously enjoy?

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    ,$,,€,,௹,฿,₠ Im sure they will take any or all, or even Bitcoins
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    Reading the FAQ and rules of this forum might help too.
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