Hi All - another newbie question (although I've been reading!) - now about 2-3 months into owning a MBP & new iMac (latest hardware & OS X updates) - home network w/ an Apple AirPort Extreme (also have my old PC in a back room w/ a Wi-Fi connection - attached to 2 older printers & a newer Canon scanner).

For the last month, one of my projects has been to scan in hundreds of old slides & family photos - all are now on the old PC hard drive & also on a USB drive. The new iMac is for my wife (cabled into the router) while my MBP is Wi-Fi (for me) - what I would like to do is put all of these scanned images onto the iMac and then be able to access the folders on the iMac under both her's & mine user's accounts, and also be able to grab selected images onto my MBP to upload to various websites.

I know that this involves setting up 'file sharing' but what are my easiest options to accomplish these goals, i.e. to share the same 'photos' on the iMac & to also grab selected ones wirelessly w/ my MBP? I already have some ideas of the process but would like to go in the right direction from the start - thanks as always. Dave