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    Viewing PDFs in Firefox
    Hi, hope someone can help. My issue relates to viewing PDFs in Firefox so I'm adding it here rather than starting a new thread with the same title. I want to be able to open pdfs in new tabs using Acrobat in Firefox on my iMac (Safari works perfectly for this, but I can't use it any more because it chewed my memory). I need Acrobat for the way search function that displays all results, whereas the native Firefox pdf viewer doesn't have this feature. I know the Firefox native viewer can be disabled, and I have done this, but I want the documents displayed in tabs, not opening and saving as downloads. Is there a way to achieve this? It's driving me a bit crazy Thanks!

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    Please do not post to a 6 year old thread. Your post has been moved to its own thread.

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    Troubleshooting tips - incl'g tips if your pdf plugin downloads instead of being displayed.

    Am going to warn you that Firefox is every bit the memory hog that Safari is. Changing to FF is not going to help that side of it.
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    Adobe's PDF plugin, if I remember correctly, is only supported for Safari on OS X. As such, if you need the built in PDF plugin from Adobe, you don't have a choice.

    There are some third party options however. There's the Schubert plugin for example.
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