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    Pages '09 language issues
    Hi guys wonder if anyone can help. I am having trouble with pages, i would like it to stay on British English, but that's not all while i have spent time fiddling i must've upset some settings somewhere. because although it looks in inspector like I have British English, now when I open a document the font style is described in Italian, it is really bugging me, what have I done and how can I get it back to English please..

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    In my copy of Pages there is no part of the Inspector that lists font styles, and cannot replicate your issue at all (though I'm probably not understanding it). Maybe you could attach a screenshot of the problem?

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    I had a similar problem and for some reason I could never get to the bottom of, sometimes the document would be in British English, most of the time, not. What I did in the end was to create a blank document, in the Inspector under the text tab, set the language as British and then saved the whole thing as a template. I just open this.

    This might be overkill but it worked for me. Hope it helps you

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