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Thread: Xperia Bridge for Mac disaster

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    Xperia Bridge for Mac disaster
    I've just bought a Sony Xperia (can't afford iPhone contract). The app recommended to get data onto the phone is Sony's Bridge for Mac. Unfortunately when opened, the app uses several GB of hard drive space as well as the full CPU!! With my old MacBook struggling as it is, this is no good!!

    Any idea how to get music and photos copied over without using this terrible app?

    (My problem doesn't appear to be uncommon)

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    Cant you just pair it with Bluetooth and browse its file structure with bluetooth assistant
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    Or just use the official Android File Transfer app.
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    Cheers. That was so obvious and a relief!!! Thanks mate.

    I just tested it out and got a tune on, hoping to use it as a ringtone as I had on my non-smartphone…doesn't seem to be an option here!

    Looks like I'll not be able to auto sync my Xperia with a smart playlist as I can my iPod Touch!

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    If you decide that the Xperia isn't for you, take a look at the iPhone 4 or 4S ($0 and $99 on contract). Or have a look at buying someone's unlocked iPhone (4 or later) or even a locked one if it's on the same carrier. Most carriers now will unlock the phone for free or a small fee if you are a customer for 90 days in good standing.

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    this was a known bug that they have solved in 3.5

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