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    Red face Premiere Pro CS4, Macbook Pro and .mov files
    Tried to figure out if my Macbook Pro with OS 10.5.8 - has what it takes to run Premiere Pro CS4.

    I have Intel Core 2 Duo, 2.5 GHz, 1 Processor, 2 Cores, L2 Cache 6 MB, Memory 2 GB, Bus Speed 800 MHz, Boot ROM Version: MBP41.OOC1.803, SMC Version 1.28f3.

    Does anyone know what I might need to make it run properly. Its opening up and its working but when I import a .mov file from a Canon COS 6D it comes in all gittery. I figure I'm missing something to make it run smoothly? or I don't know... ?

    I'm just learning Premiere Pro. Any advice would be so appreciated. Been researching but hard to find answers sometimes if you're not even sure what to ask :/


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    First thing I'd suggest is to look on the box for the system requirements. IIRC you have enough horsepower but way too little RAM to make that run well.

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