I've been having issues loading the Facebook sie on my Macbook Pro. When I attempt to view someone's profile, for example, the top and bottom menu bars will load but nothing else will. If I refresh the page, it will load normally.

Facebook seems to be the only website affected. It used to not load more posts on Twitter when you scroll to the bottom of the page, but that problem has seemed to have fixed itself.

I've tried a bunch of solutions from other posts including:
-Clearing the cache.
-Resetting the router.
-I have AdBlock installed, but issue was present before installation of the extension.
-I turned off the Firewall temporarily and it still happens
-My girlfriend has the same computer and lives with me, but she does not have the same issue.
-Problem persists in incognito mode.
-Problem persists in Chrome, Safari, and Firefox.

Any other suggestions would be appreciated!