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    Is there any way to stop Facebook from auto refreshing in Safari?
    Those of you who use Facebook regularly may be familiar with (and loathe) its auto refresh "feature." You're in the middle of reading something and suddenly new content streams in. You lose your place. Or, worse, you're in the middle of typing a lengthy reply to someone and suddenly the comment box you were typing in has scrolled away.

    Google has taught me that is called meta refresh and is caused by HTML coding at various websites including Facebook. It can be disabled in Firefox and other browsers, but Safari seems to lack this checkbox.

    Aside from this, I really like Safari and don't want to have to switch to Firefox or another browser, but this Facebook "feature" is making me CRAZY.

    Is there a workaround for Safari? Or can SocialFixer fix it? I don't suppose Facebook itself will allow me to turn it off. Has anyone resolved this issue in any way other than changing browsers?

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    SocialFixer wont turn that off, all it can do is stop the automatic fetch of posts as you get to the end of the page.
    I wasn't aware Firefox could do it. Is it an about:config setting or in the regular prefs?

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