First of all, newbee to this forum.
I purchased Excel 2011 specifically because 2008 will not run macros (VBA).
I can not run macros from imported spreadsheets.
I have done lots of research and found no answers.
I even tried the Save As...macro enabled.
There is no Trust Center, there is no Security Level Selection that I can find.
As far as I can see 2011 is exactly as 2008.
I am sure these specific macros are pretty complex, but we couldn't even run a test one which is a button that returns "successful run". If I run the test from Tools/Marcos.../ it says it runs OK. The button does not work on the spreadsheet.

Anyway, I am not a power user, just need it to work. All his macros run on everyone else's PC (of course).

Love Mac, just have to work and play well with others (PCs).

Thanks in advance