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    Diff tool for comparing text file version in Time Machine???
    Is there a diff tool / application for comparing text file version in Time Machine???

    Would love to be able to:
    a) walk through files in directories in the tool
    b) click a certain file & request diff
    c) then get a 2 pane view with a diff between the 2 files
    d) ability to change the version of the files in the panes (i.e. going back in time in time machine)

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    Umm if you have produced a document in Pages, Text Edit and the sorts, you can open them then in the File Menu, use the Revert To>Browse All Versions. Can that be any help too you ??
    And to make you happy, it brings up *All Versions* in a Time Machine Type layout, with the Original on the Left and All Versions on the right, going back to the place you first saved the Document.
    Apart from that i know of no App that does this. I have File Viewer from the MAS that can open any file and if its not supported it will suggest supported Apps, but you cnat have many files Tabbed, and side by side doesnt work unless you have a 27" iMac.

    On that, what Mac do you have and What OS are you running. This info will help a lot.
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    thanks - hadn't come across the Revert To>Browse All Versions so this helps

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