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    Outlook 2011 for Mac issues
    Hi I recently purchased Outlook 2011 for my mac as I was fed up with Mail. Outlook has installed correctly and working well, but I have some questions:

    1. How to do I add folders like you could have in Mail. Eg: Folders for work, personel, holiday, finance etc so I can then store emails once read in the appropriate folder. At the moment I right click on the email, then choose 'move' which then brings up a box 'choose folder' I click that and I get an empty boxes with no folders showing. However I cant see where I can add these folder either?

    2. My mail address is linked to a web mail which I then use either Outlook on the mac on my iphone to view the messages. At the moment if I delete a mail in outlook I then have to delete it on my phone as well and vice versa. The only way I get uniformity is if I delete in the web mail program, but its not nice to use so I prefer Outlook.

    Thanks for any help.

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    It sounds like you're set up to use the antique POP3 mail protocol, which downloads all the mail, with an option to keep mail on the server. This will give the "deleting mail only deletes it from one device" situation you are seeing. You would like to check with your mail provider if they offer IMAP which is a (slightly) more elegant solution as it works directly with the mail on the server.

    IMAP will also allow you to create folders on the server that you can use for sorting mail, and this will be reflected on your phone.

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    I had a similar question yesterday regarding how to set up what we refer to in the Windows version of Outlook, as a pst folder or Personal folder.

    The only way I was able to make a folder that looks like a pst folder is to create an empty folder inside a pst folder I had imported from my Windows Outlook (using an external HD and just making a copy of the pst folder, then using the Import function on the Mac in Outlook 2011), then clicking and dragging the new folder to the bottom of the folder list. I let go of the mouse button at the bottom of the list, then the new folder alphabetizes itself with the other pst folders I had already imported.

    To be clear, you can go to Outlook 2011 on your Mac, go to File, New, Folder. When you add the new folder, it'll appear as a folder in your in-box. Next, select the new folder by a single click, then drag that new folder to the bottom of the side bar and let go just above the Junk email folder. When you let go of the selection, the new folder will alphabetize. You can single click the folder again, then right click to rename the folder.

    Effectively, this procedure does what appears to be the same thing as creating a new pst folder on a Windows version of Outlook. I'm not entirely sure if the MacOS actually creates a pst-like folder or not. I'm still figuring some of these things out.

    I hope this helps!
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