My mini was a 32bit intel CoreDuo now upgraded to Core2Duo, new firmware and 4 (3) gigs of memory. It originally came with Tiger. I upgraded to Leopard about 3/4 years ago and did a clean install of Snow Leopard on a new partition a few months ago, also restoring my Leopard files from the time machine backup.

I've recently started compiling music tracks and to my surprise found that Garageband was there in Applications. I assumed that it wouldn't be as I realised a while back that it was preinstalled software. I've always thought this was a bit strange - upgrade the OS and lose applications - but then Apple is a bit quirky to say the least.

Anyway, this was never an issue until I needed Garageband. As I say I didn't expect it to work and don't know how it got there. It's version 4.1.2 (08) and it seems to work. I'm only learning to use it so I won't know for a while.

My first question is whether there's a more up to date version of Garageband that works with snow leopard and with Lion as I plan to upgrade again soon. And if there is, does it offer improved features that are worthwhile? And where to get it.

My second question is more a minor tech issue really. Was Garageband in the back-up I restored? Is that how Time Machine works?

I also seem to have ilife 08 on the mini but I can't recall how or why.