I can login to YM using the official client's "Firewall with no proxy" option but I am unable to find any other Mac OS X IM client that allows me to do that. Turns out that GAIM doesn't support this option, so the popular ones like Adium (my preferred client) and Fire, which are built upon libgaim, can't provide this option. I downloaded the official MSN client (yikes!) for the first time and gave it a run but I can't login into MSN from that either. I think the windows version of the (MSN) client supports the "Firewall with no proxy", or something similar, option because windows users on the same network can login using their official clients.

So you see my problem is that I can't login to MSN. And apart from that I absolutely hate the present (2.5.3) official Yahoo client as (amongst other things) it doesn't have automatic archiving of all conversations (you would think it would be a standard in all clients but obviously not), which is something I can't live without. Now a new version might just be round the corner, but meanwhile I need another MSN/ Yahoo! client that supports the "Firewall with no proxies" option.

I have tried everything under the sun from Adium, Fire (based on GAIM) to Proteus, aMSN, Mercury etc. but none seem to support this feature. Is anyone else aware of IM client(s) that do?