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Let's go back to the original post: your Facebook account (which is on Facebook, not on your computer) got hacked (ie, someone guessed your probably-easy-to-guess password).

How does this have ANYTHING AT ALL to do with security on your computer? That's where you made your mistake. This is about making a strong password. That's it.
Agreed, strong password for your Facebook account and a different, equally strong one, on the associated email account. Preferably with a mobile number or 2 step authentication.

Strong password on your Mac. Use your guest or separate account if others use your machine. Don't install any helper or associated security or cleaning software without checking a few independent sources (like this and other forums).

Exercise good internet hygiene and don't go clicking and entering passwords without fully reading and understanding what's being asked.

Not saying that's what you're doing here but these suggestions are the route to a secure online life