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    iPhoto won't let me drag and drop
    Hey Guys... just got my first mac, 20inch imac intel core duo.. it is of course beautiful but experiencing a few little "glitches" (possibly due to ignorance)..

    i've imported photos into iPhoto and can add them to Albums by selecting and choosing make album from selection.. but i can't drag photos into already made albums as it says i should be able to... i also can't drag albums into folders to help organise it better... and i can't drag images into other applications like address book.... basically i just can't drag and drop anything in iPhoto..

    i've searched but can't find any reference to this problem.. has anyone else experienced this or have possible solution??

    cheers guys

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    Hmmm I've never heard of that happening before...

    Have you tried repairing permissions?

    Apps->Utilities->Disk Utility->
    Select your harddrive and hit repair disk permissions.

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    I recall having the exact same problem...
    Not sure I bothered looking into it either....

    Quite wierd really, like you say just seemingly unable to move photos from my Library into other pre-made albums.

    Would be grateful too if anyone knows a fix for this.

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    it just decided to work
    well after a couple of days iPhoto decided it would let me drag albums/photos etc and my iPhoto experience was much improved.. now it decides every once in a while to stop working properly again until I restart..

    this is a pity.. i love the interface (i'm referring to entire mac os x not just iPhoto) but my experience has been marred by several unpredicatable irregularities and performance bugs like this one

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    Well, when I try to move photos to a new folder or album, iPhoto creates a brand new folder, unnamed, with the photos in it. I have no way of organizing my photos once they are have been loaded in iPhoto.

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    dabler: iPhoto will do that if it cannot determine where you are trying to drag the photos to. This is usually due to unsteady mousing, or you are trying to drag photos into SMART albums not regular ones (you can't drag photos into smart albums, as they aren't really folders).

    You say you can't organize your photos once they are in iPhoto, but in fact iPhoto organizes them for you by time -- called Events. It can also present them organized by place, or by a face, or just in a general chronological view of all photos.

    When I try moving photos from an event into an album, a big blue circle appears around the album as I drag pictures over it, so I'm always sure I'm dropping into the correct album. Again, this won't work if the album is a smart album (has a little gear icon in it).

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