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    MS Word 2011: how to import macros from MS Word 2004?
    I used to use MS WOrd 2004; I have many macros, that were saved in "Normal" in WOrd 2004. Each new file I made, I had access to these macros. So I thought: when switching to MS WOrd 2011, I just have to import the macros into "" in order to have them as well in all old (MS WOrd 2004 files) and new files. Unfortunately neither old nor new files have the macros accesible... Do you know how I can solve this problem?
    Thanks, swenniels

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    The macros you had working in Word 2004 should be able to be used in Word 2011. They may have to be recompiled with the VBS editor first, but they should work. What you can try - is copy your Normal template from 2004 to 2011 and replace the Normal.dotm file in Word 2011. If the macros error out (run time error) they'll need to be corrected.

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    thanks, chscag. Your idea seems to have been the solution. After putting "Normal" to where "NOrmal.dotm" used to be and then opening MS WOrd 2011, all macros were there. After closing Word, a new NOrmal.dotm was created. And then I deleted the 2004 "Normal" and still: when opening MS WOrd 2011, all macros stayed there (obviously within "Normal.dotm") - THANKS a lot.

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