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Thread: iDisk missing space, help. Extrange file: .filler.idsff

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    Question iDisk missing space, help. Extrange file: .filler.idsff

    I don't know if this is the correct forum for posting this, if not, please feel free to move to the correct one.

    I have some problems regarding my iDisk space, I was asking in .mac disscussion forums, but still no answer, so may be you can help me.

    A .mac account have 1024MB of space and you can distribuite that space in mail and idisk. I have 100mb for mail and the 924mb for iDisk. My specific problem is that i have 560mb of lost space.

    560MB of a mystery file that is not visible on my idisk. I use Disk Inventory X to see whats happening and there is where I found that i have an EXTRANGE FILE:


    that sizes 560MB

    I can see it in the finder, and I don't know if I can delete it in anyway.

    Can anyone help me solve this?

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    This file is used as part of iDisk Syncing to determine the amount of free space on your iDisk. The size of this file may vary.

    Deleting the file is not recommended; doing so does not recover any iDisk or hard drive space. If you have deleted the file, you should restart your computer to recreate the file.

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