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    Making the switch from PC to Mac - Terminal emulators?
    Good morning...

    I am making the switch from PC to Mac (never used a Mac before) and I've got a couple questions about terminal emulators...

    I am a network engineer and I often connect via console cable to routers to perform various tasks - I also connect via telnet and/or SSH depending on the situation. And to make matters more interesting, I will also use the modem to dial into 'out-of-band' devices

    What would you recommend for a terminal emulator? I currently use Van Dyke's Secure-CRT. I know that OS X is Unix based, so I could use the terminal window - but is there a software package that allows one to create 'sessions' that I can quickly connect to?

    Thanks in advance.

    - pete

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    Don't need one. Terminal (part of OSX) gives you access to the UNIX command line. I SSH from the line to my linux servers right there in Terminal. It does have a LOG ON TO SERVER in the menu that lets you store frequent places you log to.

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    We are considering a switch from PC to Mac as well.

    Current Setup...
    All PC's running Kermit 95 which emulates a vt320 terminal that connects to a unix server running our business program.

    Proposed Setup...
    All Mac's running terminal that connects to the same unix server.

    So far, we have been successful in setting up the required scripts and keymaps for terminal to work, with one exception... Option F9 refuses to bind to F-19. Is there something mapped to Option F9 in the Mac OS or is the telnet keymap of \033[33` sending the wrong info?

    This is the LAST in a long line of hurdles that we have and must overcome in testing before we can get approval for the company wide transition to Mac. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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