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Thread: iCal issue

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    iCal issue
    I am having a slight issue with iCal on my mini running Tiger. I have it set so when i boot up iCal comes on and shows the correct date in the dock. When I quit iCal it goes back to july 17. I don't like to leave it open because seeing all those arrows in the dock drives me nuts. On my iBook i have it set to do the same it is running anther. When I quit on the iBook it stays the correct date. Whats up with that. Am I missing something somewhere that I can fix in prefs or somthing. Any help would be appreciated..

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    I have trying to figure this out also

    my wifes birthday is july 17th so she thinks thats why it stays there

    if find the answer let me know

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    July 17th is the date that OS X was announced to public, which is why whenever you start up the computer it will always show that date until you open the program. Only way to have it show the correct date is to open the program
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