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    Toast 7 Vs. Popcorn compression speeds
    i was wondering if anybody knew the quality and/or time differences between compression of a movie using toast 7 and popcorn.

    to me it seems that popcorn compresses quicker, if i am true will the longer toast 7 compression do a better job? or am i just insane?

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    I never really got a chance to compair it to Popcorn. I was ready to purchase Popcorn then out came Toast 7. I have been using DVD2ONEx and there were some DVD's that were still to large even after DVD2One so when I bought Toast 7, it took care of it and made it fit. I have been using Toast 7 since Christmas now and the compression seems quite fast and every much in the same ballpark as far as time as DVD2OneX.

    Maybe there is someone here who has compaired Toast 7 to Popcorn. All I can say is I love Toast 7. Very happy with my purchase.

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