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    Cannot connect to App Store
    Hello All

    This is my first post so for a quick intro; I'm the Dad of a family of 5 living in the Northwest of the UK, with an iMac, iPad and several iPhones and iPods. I'm reasonable operating Macs after 5 years and would be really grateful for your help as after several weeks of trying to sort the following problem out I remain stuck solid.

    When starting App Store on the iMac (only) MAS says "Cannot connect to the App Store". It has a sign-in option, however nothing happens when you press it. When you try updating software MAS advises "An internet connection is required"

    - It's only on the iMac; the iPad MAS is fine
    - Firewall is OFF
    - There is no anti virus software installed that I am aware of. I certainly haven't installed any.
    - Use Passive FTP mode is on
    - There are no proxies active
    - It is however set to bypassing proxy settings for *.local, (numbers shown as x for security)

    I have recently installed Mountain Lion 10.8 and at present because of the App Store issue cannot update to 10.8.1


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    If you log into the guest user, or create a new user and log into that, do you get the same issue?

    Please use the reputation system if you think you've been helped - bottom left of this post

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    Problem solved! Unbeknownst to me I was in the Guest Account hence MAS wouldn't update. Someone, sometime must have logged the Admin user out.

    Massive thank you!

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