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    compress and split large files?
    hey everyone...

    I just have a quick question.

    I have a really large DMG file on my computer (6 gigs) that I want to burn to a DVD so I can delete it. However naturally my 4gb DVDs cannot hold the whole file. So i was wondering, is there a program that will allow me to compress/split the file into two 3 gig files? I know WinRar can do it on Windows but as a newcomer to mac im not sure how to do it in OS X.

    any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    DMG is a disk image, unlike a RAR or ZIP, which simply is a compressed file.

    Do you have only one large file inside that DMG?

    If not, you can create two new 4GB DMGs with DiskUtility, mount the 6GB DMg and copy your stuff to the two new ones. Then you can burn those two, and erase all three DMGs.

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    Or he could use Stuffit (which comes with Macs) compress it and split it up into smaller files he could them burn to DVD.

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