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Thread: Label making program sought

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    Aug 27, 2012
    Label making program sought
    Hi, guys,

    I'm a new member of Mac-Forums, thought I've been a (diehard) Mac user since 1985.

    I'm looking for a labelmaking program for Macintosh that has certain features based on my recent experience using a Windows-only program to create and print labels.

    Until last month, I worked a temp assignment in a warehouse during which I used a product called Label Matrix by Teklynx. The program was used to design and print box and sealable bin labels for client product (the firm managed the IT assets for pharmaceutical companies worldwide), which had things such as item description, SKU or serial number, and quantity (both in human-readable and barcode forms). The software read this data from Excel to create these labels, and the user could also specify on which label on a given sheet to begin printing, as well as how many labels a person wanted to print of a given SKU and quantity combination, e.g., SKU 2838, qty 100, 3 labels.

    Teklynx's product, Label Matrix, is available solely for Windows, and I'd love to find such a program for Macintosh that has most, if not all, of the features I just described. While I've found several labelmaking programs, none of them come close; while one offers some design ability, it only allows one to export the resulting image to another document. (Label Matrix also prints on sheets of labels on an inkjet or laser printer, and not via a dedicated label printer, though it might do that, too.)

    There are two additional points to consider:

    (1) It has to be able to run on OS X Tiger;

    (2) Freeware or shareware is desirable.

    Hopefully the brain trust here will be able to help.


    Dieter Zakas

    P.S. While I haven't ruled out buying a dedicated label printer, I'd prefer to leave that as the option of last resort.

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    Aug 29, 2012
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    Special Thanks To you
    I want to say special thanks to you for sharing your valuable information here....

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