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    Money Management Software for Mac
    I'm a new Mac user and I have always used Quicken to manage my financial tracking. Can anyone suggest a good piece of software similar to Quicken? From the reviews about Quicken for the Mac, the Quicken is not as robust as it is for the PC. I'd like to run banking and fund downloads as well as sync with my iPhone or iPad. Thanks for any suggestions.

    Oh yes, I have a MacBook Pro W/OS 10.


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    Thread moved. Does not belong in Community Announcements, please read the forum descriptions before posting..

    I've been using for all of my money management. It nicely downloads all of my transactions and is perfectly fine for me to see what's going on with my money..

    I've tried a few Mac-specific apps but most of them require you to download the transactions manually and upload..a pain for me to do..

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    Welcome to the Mac Forums.

    You are correct about Quicken for the Mac. It's simply not the same as the Windows version and it seems Intuit doesn't care. With that said, I recommend taking a look at iBank. Go here. There are also other money management software packages to look over. You should have an icon on your Dock for the Mac App Store (MAS). Click on it and it will take you to the store where you can enter "Money Management" into the search field. That will bring up all that type of software.

    You will need to assign an Apple ID and Password in order to purchase and use the MAS.

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