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Thread: ideal personal crm-like manager for the mac?

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    Sep 13, 2011
    ideal personal crm-like manager for the mac?
    Hey guys!

    What can I say, I've been periodically searching here and there almost all week and I still can't find a good application to use for management. I know most of you guys are very helpful and map native users so I thought id list a couple of things I was looking for and see if any of you knew a good choice app to look at.

    1)So im looking for something similar to outlook for mac but with syncing capabilities to at least the mac address book and Icalander and mac mail if possible.

    A. Im looking for something that has email, calendar contacts and tasks with the ability to track the progress of projects, and display alerts.

    b. Team view features and sharing are not necessary as it will be mainly for personal use

    c. It would be nice if it integrated budgeting functions, at least for projects.

    2) something not online. If it is online Im looking for something that has a desktop,offline program beside it. I dont care if its not online though. I dont want to pay monthly to use it.

    3*) A good bonus feature would be a form-making function and a chart making function to moinitor various aspects of small-scale projects (1 person, personal, but lengthy projects)

    4*) Another bonus thats not really necessary is im looking for something that might have omnifocus intergration and syncing as thats the gtd program ill be using. Any document storing,cataloging, integrational features and syncing would be great too but this is a big thing to ask from a personal desktop app

    5) a nice looking mac-interface


    -So far the best thing I can find - and I really love it - but it is overall, made for small and mid-sized companies and requires a server-side database to be installed....

    is daylite

    -I tried soho organizer but I didnt really like it after seeing daylite's UI. hahaha

    -devonthink didn't seem to have a calendar feature

    -also didnt care for the layout of bento.


    So far im still half-considering at least trying out zimbra desktop but I wanted to hear everyone's input. and to see if there was something better. Price is not a huge issue as I'm assuming a personal app like this should be much cheaper than a crm program.

    Let me know of any good ones out there!

    Thanks again! have a good weekend


    PS im on mountain lion (just installed it )

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    Sep 13, 2011
    Ok guys, this one is definitely solved. I know these things are about personal taste so some might not like this solution but for me it's perfect: Microsoft outlook for mac 2011.

    If you haven't tried it - open it up! It's got a great deal of features for the personal user and I think It can be considered a hybrid between basic functions which mac provides (IE contacts, tasks, Ical) and a full-blown CRM program which is really for larger groups of people and businesses.

    I added each mail account separately into outlook (so basically replaced mac mail manually which didnt take long). Then as for everything else if you goto tools>sync services you will see it can now sync anything you do in outlook with the apps on your mac not including mail like I said.

    Also, you can schedule meetings, schedule follow-ups, have a higher level of control regulating your tasks... you really can do a ton - so check it out!

    The only one critique I have - no charts! this program would be amazing if it had included that. Specifically, a lot of apps like omni-planner and daylite offer a gantt chart for viewing your projects visually. This would have been a great addition to outlook by microsoft.

    If anyone knows how to get that into outlook let me know. Otherwise, I'd say problem solved

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