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    Cisco VPN Problems
    I am having a problem with Cisco’s VPN client. I can log into it ok, but when I try to access my window network I get error messages and it doesn’t allow me to attach. I tried both afp and smb. I am running 10.4.3 and the latest cisco vpn client for mac os x. When I am not connected to the vpn, I can access these file shares with no problem. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated

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    Cisco VPN sucks - I have problems connecting to my workplace as well.
    I am using Tiger 10.4.7 and Cisco VPN version 4.7.00 (0510) and see the attached error message I get.

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    This is the second cisco client question today, and I have not seen one in a really really long time, I figured people stopped using it because the one built into tiger was working, I guess not. (posted in other thread)
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