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    Unhappy Mail vs IMAP Gmail
    After 11 happy months running Mail with both Gmail and Earthlink accounts on a 2011 mini, last Friday Mail stopped communicating with Gmail. I keep getting a message to enter my SMTP password, do it and continue to get the same message. Mail will not download incoming Gmail either.

    I removed the Gmail Account and tried to set up a new one, but keep getting rejected on password.

    The password works fine on the iPad and directly with Gmail through Chrome so the problem is between Mail on the Macmini and Gmail.

    This sounds similar to previously reported problems with Gmail asking for SMTP passwords, but has taken a more sinister twist.

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    That has happened to me and several other users. The way it can usually be resolved is to access your GMail account directly from the Web. Enter your old password and then select change password. In other words, change your password direct at the server and then go back to Mail and edit your account to reflect the new password. Don't forget to save it to your keychain.

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    Changing the password on the server as previously described has worked for me in the past also, not only with gmail but with yahoo mail also.


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