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Thread: Help Please - Games for tiny tots?

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    Help Please - Games for tiny tots?
    Can anyone help me find a website that has some free educational or other games for 4 years upwards?

    I have just sold my eMac and I already have had people saying that the person who bought it will not be able to find any educational or other games for their daughter who is 4, which has sort of put them off a little.

    I would prefer freeware if possible. I have Tux Paint which I am going to load on for her today, and also have PacMan which she likes. I have the Pangea software pack but the games are too hard for her at the minute. Simple, free if possible and educational that will also get her used to mouse-movement would be ideal.

    Also, are there any other character games that she could play (obviously to purchase) such as Dora the explorer etc? (I am based in the UK so any UK sites offering childrens games for the Mac would be ideal.)

    The eMac is a 1Ghz with 640MB ram. I am based in the UK, Thanks in advance.
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    Games with mouse movement here

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