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    Firefox Help
    I have just bought a new imac and decided firefox was the right browser for me. (Fantastic by the way). I have a slight problem that I thought you may be able to help with. When I start up the mac everything opens ok. When I click on the firefox browser from the dock it opens the browser but a small window appears before it opens. The window has the firefox world logo, an arrow pointing to a world with a x then another arrow pointing to a folder. This happens only when you open firefox from the start. Once you close this subfolder firefox works perfectly. I think this sub window is something to do with the installation process but I am not too sure. I was hoping someone could explain what it is and how to stop it from happening (cause its really annoying).

    I have just tried to drag and drop the folder/icon in question into application folder, but this does not cure the problem. It still opens the firefox box which is sat on the desktop everytime i try and use the browser. The box sits on the right hand side and has 27.6mb written beneth it. As desribed above the window that opens everytime you want to surf the net has a earth with a fox round it with the same icon with a little black cross below this one with a large arrow pointing to a folder with an A in italics wrote on it. This is seriously annoying so much so that if I can't sort it or it can't be sorted i am gonna uninstall firefox.

    Any help appreciated cause they can't seem to answer my questions on the firefox forum.

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    When that box opens you need to drag the Firefox icon that's in that box into your Applications folder. That's the actual program.

    What you're opening first is the disk image which is how the download is packaged. Once you open it and drag the program out then you can delete the disk image by dragging it to the trash.
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    thank you very much.
    Do you know how to slow down the scroll whell on a mighty mouse when using firefox?? It is fine in safari but when using firefox, you only have to touch it and you are at the bottom of a screen in a flash. I have tried preferences/mouse/scrolling and set it too its slowest but it doesn't make any difference. Could it be a bug with firefox??


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