Someone please be my shining ray of light and tell me that they have had the same issue and that it was a GLITCH!

I've been carefully following up with the company of my dreams via email in hopes of a second interview. I draft and write all emails from my Apple Mail which sync up with my gmail.

One day, I drafted an email to the company but then decided that I did not want to send it. It was sitting in my draft folder for a little bit until I completely deleted it. Going through the sent folder on my Apple Mail as well as going through the gmail sent folder (still within Apple Mail), everything checks out to be a-okay. Even through my phone (in which my gmail is synced), the sent folder has been accurate.

BUT THEN THE NIGHTMARE HAPPENS. When viewing my gmail through a BROWSER, I click the sent folder and it all appears okay UNTIL I click on the last LEGIT threaded conversation I had with the company (it had the correct date that I sent my last legit email) and then BOOM! It shows also shows that I sent at least 22 of the same message over and over again of my DELETED DRAFT message that I created through my Apple Mail days after in which this thread was supposed to occur! I will be absolutely mortified if this email actually sent out 22 times.

Could this be some sort of communication error between Apple Mail and gmail?