Hi all, Entourage 2004 issue here. I have a user that has Entourage 2004 and an Exchange account. Everything was working correctly until we updated him to Office 2004 version 11.2.1 from 11.1.1. Now, whenever he does a send receive (or one automatically happens), all of his new mail is downloaded to his Folders on My Computer Inbox. Also, all of his sent mail is missing. I have checked all of his account settings, client rules, server rules. There is nothing that should be causing the problem. The only thing that I could see is that with the new version on Entourage, in the Account Settings - > Advanced tab there is no longer the option to sync with server.

We have actually opened his account in Outlook on a PC and everything is fine until he runs Send&Receive on the Mac. After he does that, we watch all the new messages on the PC disappear.