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    Angry I need help with iSight and iChat
    [/FONT]I'm having trouble with iSight, iChat & AIM. Hopefully, someone out there has been there, done that, [successfully] and can help me out of this pickle.

    I'm new to all of this, obviously, as I try to explain the problem in the fewest words. I'm on a Mac Tiger 10.4.3, my friend is on a PC Windows XP. Neither of us is familiar with Video chatting. After 24 hours we've got our computers to recognize each other as video chat enabled. Our web cameras appear to work and we're both on DSL. Every time either of us initiates a chat, regardless of which end, the result is always the same.

    The other "failed to respond" in spite of hitting the "accept" button once the invitation arrived. The initiator sees "chat starting" and we either get, you or the other did not "respond", or you or they "cancelled" the chat. Something somewhere isn't working properly.

    Maybe trying out the iSight webcam with a fellow mac person is the first place to start. Any iSighter's willing to help me test my camera? If so, I'm sailorsheart44 on iChat. Thanks!

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    hmm, maybe you guys are behind hardware (router) and software (built-in or extra) firewalls?
    then, try to open port 5190 in your built-in firewall (if that's activated) and forward the same port for your router.

    holla if that helped any.

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