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Thread: Event/Camp Scheduling Tool/App?

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    Event/Camp Scheduling Tool/App?
    I am responsible for setting up a summer camp schedule each year for a week long summer camp. The camp has 10 dorms, ~20 different activities and 12-14 "activity blocks" each day. The task of managing the schedule is massive and becomes a major headache when changes need to be made on the fly after setting the schedule.

    Has anyone every seen an application where you can enter in the all the activities and then some logic (i.e. only one activity each day per dorm, this activity 4 times during the week, etc)?

    I've searched for two years now and can't find anything. I would expect that some large conferences would have such a tool but haven't found anything. In the end I always ended up doing it manually. Thought I would see if anyone here has any ideas/direction is GREATLY appreciated.

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    I can't see anything in your description that iCal couldn't handle.

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    I cannot give a specific solution but it sounds to me that your problem would be best solved using some software that create schedules / timetables for teachers in schools considering lessons, teachers, rooms and students. That's the area I'd be looking in but I can't give you a specific mac solution and the windows ones I know of are mega expensive.

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