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    Set speaker volume from terminal? (and other volume questions)
    I teach a class in a 30 machine emac lab running panther.

    Is there any way to set the speaker volume of a machine using a terminal command (over ARD etc.) E.g., setvolume 30 for 30% volume etc. If not are there any console utilities available that do this?

    ...Also, is there any way to simply completely mute the computer speakers only allowing for headphone use, without having something plugged into the headphone jack 100% of the time?

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    Changing your computer's sound output device
    You can choose to hear sound played through your computer's built-in speakers, or through external speakers, headphones, or stereo equipment that you connect to your computer.

    To hear sounds from your computer played through an external device:
    Make sure the device is properly connected to your computer.
    Choose Apple menu > System Preferences and click Sound.
    Click Output, and then select the device you want to hear sound through.
    To listen through your computer's built-in speakers, select "Internal speakers." To listen to external speakers or headphones that are connected to the headphone jack, select Headphones. To listen through external USB speakers, select your speakers in the list.
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    thank you MacForums and all it's members

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