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    Unhappy Word 2004 Corrupt Fonts
    I have recently installed Office 2004 on a Mac running OSX 10.4.3 and I am experiencing a few problems when trying to run Word. Each time i open Word I get the following error message: "The font _____ is corrupt and should be removed" This error is displayed for all the fonts and I have to select ok time and time again (until I get sick and do a force quit!).

    I have had a look on the Microsoft Site and followed their recomended solutions to try and solve the problem - moving fonts to new folders, removing duplicates etc. I have even tried completely uninstalling Office and then do a complete fresh re-install but this does not solve the problem.

    I am fairly new to Mac's so i'm not sure what else to try so hopefully someone will have some ideas.

    Thanks in advance

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    Try opening Font book and see if disabling the corrupted fonts there helps...

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    Is there anyway of seeing exactly which fonts are corrupt as it is telling me that numerous ones are!

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