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    Can someone please advise how best to use iTunes.
    I have some music, podcasts photos etc stored on my MacBook Pro, but the majority of my music is on a 2Tb external hard drive.
    I want iTunes to simply list the tracks that are on the external drive, but for some reason it seems to want to physically copy the tracks into iTunes, which for one duplicates the files, but secondly fills the hard drive on my mac!

    My hard drive now only has 25gb free due to this so can someone also advise how I can free up hard drive space again, as the drive only contained around 20Gb before doing this

    I'd really appreciate some good device on how to manage this.

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    Mar 19, 2012
    You can change the disk that the iTunes Library (that is, all the music files) reside on. Of course, you then have to plug that disk in whenever you wanrt to play those tunes.
    I now have most of my music on an external drive (good thing when my PowerBook G4 fell & the disk got corrupted, the machine booted, but no apps would run & trying to get stuff off it in FireWire Target Mode didn’t work because it kept freezing, so I had to manually transfer my user to a rescue disc (thus not making it bootable anymore…) & getting a new HD.
    Check out the iTunes prefs. There you can change which disk to use for music. Of course, what you have on your machine already is still included.

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